Aquaculture dna
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The salmon aquaculture industry prefers to raise Atlantic Salmon for a variety of reasons. Atlantic Salmon are highly valued for their nutritional content, which includes high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Atlantic Salmon are also noted for their delicious flavor, which is why they are a popular choice among consumers. In addition, Atlantic Salmon are capable of growing to large sizes in a relatively short amount of time and are hardy, making them easier to care for in aquaculture operations. The combination of these factors makes Atlantic Salmon an ideal species for the salmon aquaculture industry.

There are many hot points about open net salmon farming such as the transfer of sea lice from aquaculture farms to wild stock salmon smolts. This issue has been debated for over ten years, globally and new science is demonstrating the benefits of corporate aquaculture vs the small impact of sea lice transfer.

Global wars such as Russia invading Ukraine, have highlighted the tenuous links of global trade. As an example fertilizer supplies have diminished by over 30% globally, grain exports have dropped significantly. Now more than ever, the world looks to the aquaculture industry to supplement global food shortages.