Aquaculture dna

The total area of China's coastal aquaculture ponds experienced a substantial loss from 2017 to 2021 due to a number of factors. One of the main reasons is the implementation of stricter environmental regulations by the Chinese government, which has led to the closure or consolidation of many smaller, polluting aquaculture operations. Additionally, the conversion of coastal land to other uses, such as industrial development and real estate, has also contributed to the loss of aquaculture pond area. Climate change and sea level rise, which can cause damage to coastal infrastructure and make it more difficult for aquaculture operations to function, may have also played a role.

Zhejiang Province, with a decrease rate of 37%, followed by Guangdong (28%), due to government rules returning aquaculture ponds to wetlands. In addition, China has been recognized as a major user of antibiotics in aquaculture which has created a 'bad taste' to global consumers. It is hoped that the new nanobubble technology can replace antibiotics for sanitizing bodies of water used in aquaculture.


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